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Meet the Person behind the Lense 

The legendary Pablo Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

      I was lucky that the my inner artist grew up with me. Being a science student since my school days, I was never trained in art. But life took many delightful turns, and here I am, a professional photographer, attempting to create something new everyday. I had never thought in my wildest dreams that after pursuing a PhD in Bioremediation studies, I would find my calling behind the lens. 


However, turning your passion into a dedicated profession takes a lot of courage, conviction and sometimes a catalyst and I was no exception. After getting married to a Naval Officer, and entering the Fauji fraternity, I got to encounter things never experienced before - The struggles of uprooting your entire life from one place to other during transfer every two years,  spending time in solitude when the mister is sailing amidst unknown seas, making new friends, leaving old ones, picking up sports, doing social work and being prim, proper and prudent at all times. The other milestone that changed my prospective about life completely was the birth of my son Ebrahim. I wanted to cherish every moment and at the same time capture the memories. So, like any other obsessive mom, I took a plethora of pictures of my little one and also shared some with family and friends. That is when it all began. Initially, it was just appreciation, which soon turned into requests for clicking pictures of their little ones too. And gradually, after being suggested, encouraged and almost pestered by my husband and close friends, my reluctant self gave in and I started this venture, "StockByLove Photography". 


We are a newborn, kids, maternity and lifestyle family photography firm, currently operating in Delhi.  We try to provide the home like ease, uninhibitedness and coziness to our clients and their little ones. It is our endeavour to amalgamate their personal emotions with our professional perspective. At StockByLove we believe that we take the photograph while you make it. Hence your comfort and convenience is paramount. We try to capture the unadulterated love and unfiltered emotions you exude and etch them in perpetuity. You can reach out to us for more details on our packages, I will be really happy to create beautiful memories of your family. None the less, help us grow by liking/following our Facebook and Instagram pages @Stockbylovephotography

Dr. Shamiya Khan

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