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Newborn Photography (7-30 Days) 


1 Hour Session

1 Setup


(All Outfits, Wraps, Acessories are provided from our beautiful collection)

20-30 Unedited Medium resolution Images for selection (JPEG images)

6 High Resolution Artistically Edited Digital Images 

RS. 19,500/-


2 Hours Session


2 Setups

(All Outfits, Wraps, Acessories are provided from our beautiful collection)

40-50 Unedited Medium resolution Images for selection (JPEG images)


10 High Resolution Artistically Edited Digital Images 

RS. 32,500/-


3 Hours Session

2+1 Setups

Pre shoot consultation with Shamiya

Family Session

Included Makeup & Hair for Mamma

(Parents & siblings)

Includes Mom Outfits from our beautiful wardrobe


60-80 Unedited Medium resolution  for selection (JPEG images)


15 High Resolution Artistically Edited Digital Images 

RS. 46,500/-


A Day to Cherish 

(6-7 hrs at our comfirtable studio)

Unlimited Setups,

Unlimited Props,

Unlimited outfits  from our entire collection

Pre Shoot Virtual Consultation with Shamiya  


Family Session (Including Grandparents

(Maximum 8 members)

Includes Mom Outfits from our beautiful wardrobe

150-200 Unedited Medium resolution Images for selection (JPEG images)


25 High Resolution Artistically Edited Digital Images

RS. 72,500/-

Package Add Ons


Additional setup for Baby or Family (Access our wardrobe) - Rs. 12,500/-(8-10 unedited pictures  for selection, 3 artistic edits)

Add casual Parent or sibling pictures in your own outfits -Rs. 6,500/-(8-10 unedited pictures  for selection, 3 artistic edits)

Add additional two Family members- Rs. 2500/- 

 Additional Edits

One image- 1500/-

Three additional edits- 3500/-


FAQ’s for a Newborn Session


  1. Where will the shoot take place?

    We can collaboratively decide a venue to do your session. Indoors at your home,(At an additional cost),or our studio is the best for a Newborn shoot.
    Our Studio is Located at Vasantkunj,Delhi


  2. What time do these  shoots typically take place for a Newborn?

    Newborn is best done within 7-20 days of birth. However we can manage a good session till the baby is 30 days.


  3. Will you provide clothing for the Newborn shoot?

    We take care of all clothing, wraps/swaddles for newborns, to ensure they fit well and coordinate with the rest of our props and setups. 


  4. What kind of clothes should we wear to a photoshoot (Family,Parents)?

    Ideally, light and solid coloured outfits look best, for everyone. Whites, creams, beige, peach, light blue, yellow etc look really good. Avoid printed clothing as much as possible to avoid taking the attention away from your expressions. Moms have the luxury to choose outfits from our beautiful wardrobe.


  5. What if the Newborn doesn’t cooperate? Are you flexible with time?

    Yes, we are flexible with time as we are working with a Newborn. Ideally, we time our shoots to ensure this does not happen. We shoot ONLY after the newborn’s routine massage, bath and feed for the reason that they get into deep sleep post this routine. If, in a situation, the Newborn doesn’t cooperate, we will go with the pace of the baby.


  6. When will we receive the images after we complete a portrait session?

    We take up to 30 days for the delivery of images from the date of selection. To explain, we are covering a lot of shoots per month, hence I really require the time to do justice to the images and deliver a good set to you in 30 days. We will be sharing images through an online drive and final pictures in a pen drive.


  7. Do you have props for Newborn shoot?

    Yes, we do provide various props for a Newborn shoot. You can have a look at our work and get an Idea of how we do our setups.


  8. How many days earlier should we make a booking? Do we need to pay any booking amount?

    A three weeks notice is good enough if you are flexible about weekdays. But if you are looking for a specific weekends/ a specific date, kindly inform us at the earliest possible, as some dates and weekends get booked out a month or two in advance. All bookings are confirmed post a payment of Rs. 2500/-

  9. Do the newborn shoot includes family portraits?

    Yes! All our sessions include family portraits that include the Mother, Father and siblings (if any) as an add-on service or inclusive depending upon the package you choose.

  10. Should I be worried about the Newborn props Hygiene and safety involved?
    Yes, as are we! We can assure you that all our props, fabrics, wraps are hygienic and well maintained. I’m a newborn-safety trained photographer and I generally walk you through each set-up before I execute it to ensure you approve of the same. I’m happy to work with you to do what makes you and the baby comfortable. No pose is forced upon the baby and we work with the baby’s rhythm for the most part

For any further queries or concerns feel free to contact us on +91 7600830747

Terms & Conditions

  • Prices are non-negotiable

  • Full payment is to be made on the day of the shoot

  • Booking amount is transferable for a postponed shoot if notified a week in advance

  • The booking amount is non-refundable

  • All the unedited images will be low resolution jpegs only

  • Prices are subject to change

  • All packages include baby and mom outfits.

  • Elaborate theme decorations including balloons, fresh flowers, cakes to be paid by the client

  • The photographer reserves the right to post pictures from the session in various online platforms, competitions, websites etc. If you wish to have 100% copyright to the pictures, an additional amount of Rs. 10,000/- is charged for the same. 

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